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We know the importance of creating a more green and sustainable future, which is why we are passionate about delivering more sustainable practices across our business and playing a key role in reducing food waste and packaging.   


We are committed to working together with our stakeholders - suppliers, producers, industry partners, government and customers to make a difference!

Here’s how we are working towards our

‘Zero Waste’ strategy by 2025: 

 Recyclable, Reusable and

Compostable Packaging For Our Meals

100% of food waste from production,

Will be recycled & repurposed into compost mixture,

that is distributed right across SA!

Plastic crates & recyclable boxes to transport our meals

To replace waxed cardboard and polystyrene boxes 


Sourcing local ingredients where possible

Reducing shipping, storage, transportation and  

consequently carbon emission and energy usage.

The use of unnecessary single-use plastics

100% recycling of all cardboard and plastics

Received from incoming goods, suppliers & producers


Together, we can make a difference!

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