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It all started back in 1996, on Unley Road in South Australia!  Kitchenhand was born out of a simple idea in mind – to supply families in the local community with fresh, convenient & nutritious ready-to-eat foods to enjoy at home.


Today, Kitchenhand has grown into one of South Australia's leading and most respected food brands - Eatwell by Kitchenhand, producing delicious, contemporary and nutritious ready-to-eat foods for all South Australians to enjoy.

Our products are stocked in supermarkets, independent food outlets & green grocers right across South Australia.  We are still South Australian owned, and all of our meals are hand-made at our site in Keswick.

We love what we do!

Integrity. Passion. Commitment to our Customers.


These are the core values that are at the very heart of Eatwell by Kitchenhand and what we strive to achieve everyday.

Live Well.  Be Well.  Eat Well 

It really is that easy! 


Our philosophy is that ‘healthy eating is the foundation for peak health, energy and well-being and that using the best and purest ingredients is the ultimate way to create delicious and healthy meals’.

Live Well. Be Well. Eat Well.  

Bursting with freshness, flavour and nutritional benefits, each of our meals have been carefully hand-crafted and selected for you and your families to enjoy.  

We pride ourselves on producing fresh, healthy & nutritious meals that taste amazing & that are good for you too!

With an abundance of premium produce and products made right here in South Australia, we've partnered with a number of local businesses, growers and suppliers, right across SA & Australia to bring you the best tasting meals possible!

 We source the freshest ingredients, to produce a range of delicious foods that are wholesome, seasonal and bursting with flavour and natural goodness. 


Eat Well.  Eat Fresh & Eat local …

it really is that easy!

Fruits and Vegetables
Chef Chopping Vegetables


All of our meals are made right in here in SA, daily, by a team of qualified chefs who are passionate about using the freshest ingredients to deliver you quality and nutritious meals.  


Our meals are bursting with flavour that will keep you coming back for more.


We don’t add any ‘nasties’ to our meals, which means you'll enjoy all the natural goodness and nutritional benefits that great food has to offer!


We do not add any artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, additives, sugars or GMO ingredients to our meals - we believe fresh is best!

Taste the difference today! 

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