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Meatballs & Cous Cous


Eatwell by Kitchenhand is a South Australian owned business that has been supplying ready-to-eat foods throughout South Australia for over 25 years.   


Our philosophy is that ‘healthy eating is the foundation for peak health, energy and well-being and that using the best and purest ingredients is the ultimate way to create delicious and healthy meals’.

We pride ourselves on producing fresh, healthy & nutritious meals that taste amazing & that are good for you too!


Eat well & enjoy really is that easy!


We are so fortunate to have an abundance of premium produce and products made right here in South Australia. 


Supporting local is so important to us and we pride ourselves on partnering with local businesses, growers and suppliers, right across SA & Australia to bring you the best tasting meals possible!

 Our team sources the freshest ingredients, to produce a range of delicious meals that are wholesome, seasonal and bursting with flavour and natural goodness. 


Eat Well.  Eat Fresh & Eat local

… it really is that easy!

Fruits and Vegetables
Chef Chopping Vegetables


All of our meals are made daily right in here in SA, by a team of qualified chefs who are passionate about using the freshest ingredients to deliver you quality and nutritious meals.  


Our meals are bursting with flavour that will keep you coming back for more.


We don’t add any ‘nasties’ to our meals, which means you'll enjoy all the natural goodness and nutritional benefits that great food has to offer!


We do not add any artificial colourings, preservatives, flavourings, additives, sugars or GMO ingredients to our meals -
we believe fresh is best!

Taste the difference today! 

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